CSLN Believes That ...

      • The Five Principles of Community Living are the foundation of all services.
      • Small, medium and large agencies can provide quality services.
      • The utilization of outside consultants creates positive influences and energy in an agency.
      • It is essential to develop a strong learning culture within your agency.
      • Self-monitoring through a QA process helps agencies stay centered on the values and principles they have committed to provide.
      • It is the obligation of every agency to stay abreast of current laws, regulations and trends that effect the services they provide.
      • It is crucial to maximize the utilization of natural and generic resources to promote cost effectiveness and diversity of supports.
      • Agencies must commit to ethically and fiscally strong business practices that result in agency stability.
      • It is the responsibility of every stakeholder to advocate for persons with disabilities and the systems that support them.
      • It is the responsibility of all agencies to become contributing members of their larger communities through networking and collaboration.




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