COVID-19 Regional Center Billing

Billing for Underutilization:

The following files are Coronavirus Under-Utilization Calculators 

They are approved by DDS for submitting additional hours when utilization is below 2019 averages. 

"DDS has reviewed the worksheets and, if calculations work as intended, they can be used as an option for documenting the average number of absences/utilization to help support claiming in response to the State of Emergency declared by the Governor on March 4, 2020.  Use of these worksheets is not required, however the provider must keep supporting documentation that is subject to audit. 

See the DDS website for further information."

1) Template: 

Coronavirus Under-Utilization Calculator_Unified Utilization Rate_Template 2020.05.07.xlsm

2) Sample: 

Coronavirus Under-Utilization Calculator_Unified Utilization Rate_Sample Data 2020.05.07.xlsm

1) Template: 

Coronavirus Under-Utilization Calculator_Utilization Rate by Consumer_Template 2020.05.07.xlsm

2) Sample:

Coronavirus Under-Utilization Calculator_Utilization Rate by Consumer_Sample Data 2020.05.07 (1).xlsm

*Special thanks to Kevin Rath and his team at Manos for working with DDS on these calculators.

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